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(posted on 10 Nov 2014)

WEEK 9 - BLOG CHALLENGE - Patty Pan Squash!

The patty pan squash is a popular summer squash known for its small shape and scalloped edges (sometimes called the scalloped squash). Most patty pan squashes are yellow or white in color, and they are often no more than 2 to 3 inches in size, but this patty pan squash was a large green one! It looked a lot like a U.F.O! Which is exactly what my kids said - "what is that U.F.O. looking thing in the fridge?"

This summer I participated in a community supported agriculture who practiced organic gardening - which would explain the large patty pan squash I received.

While summer squash contains very little overall fat, 'The Worlds' Healthiest Food' organization says the fat in summer squash (mostly stored in its edible seeds) is unique in composition and includes omega-3s, which are necessary for good heart health and brain health. What also makes summer squashes such a healthy food is the fact that they are rich in pectin's (a unique polysaccharide) that helps reduce the risk of diabetes by regulating insulin. Summer squashes are also high in Vitamin C and antioxidants - especially in the skin. So when cooking and eating summer squash, keep the skin on for maximum nutrition.

Pastel drawing

It was very fun to draw - such a unique shape. It was round and flattened with scallops along the edges. It made interesting shapes when sliced too. I found the form interesting enough to draw as is with the cast shadows completing the composition.

SauteeĢd Patty Pan Squash.docx

How to get started...
1) Introduce patty pan squash or any other summer into your diet this week. Use the recipe provided or find your own.

2) Since the patty pan is such a unique form, try drawing it! Or maybe you wish to carve into it like a pumpkin. Carve a face with a knife or any design. Don't cut deep into the skin, just scratch the surface, so you can still cut it and eat it later. Maybe slice the patty pan into medallions and see what interesting shapes they make. Experiment with arranging the shapes into a pattern. Take a photo of it and then enjoy a healthy and simple side dish.

Keep it simple and have fun and submit your 'creations' to me at so I can track your progress for your prize!

Share your recipes on Facebook, or email them to me and I can share them too!