Lynn LeCorre
Artist and Art Educator


WEEK 1 - Blog Challenge - Spaghetti Squash!

Follow me each week for 15 weeks, as I draw my way through some of my favorite vegetables. Of course, you could get inspired and create your own artistic images of vegetables or just try adding them into your diet.

Here's my first inspiration.....

When drawing the spaghetti squash I decided to slice it in half to make a more interesting composition. I also chose a coloured paper to contrast against the light yellow-green of the squash. Hollowing out the squash (as you would to prepare it for baking) added the depth the picture needed. Of course, I had to save a few seeds to add into the picture as well. This drawing took less than an hour, but was engaging and relaxing at the same time - which is exactly what making art is suppose to do! Being creative doesn't have to take alot of time, so keep it simple. Drawing is my passion, so it is my favorite creative outlet.

How to get started...
1) Introduce spaghetti squash into your diet this week. Cut in 1/2 and roast in oven for 30-40 min. at 350 degrees. Use a fork to pull squash into spaghetti like noodles and add butter and salt and pepper. It's that easy.

2) Be creative with the squash. Carve into it like a pumpkin and photograph it or arrange the cooked squash into a picture on your plate or draw and colour the simple form with crayons or pastels. Maybe you would prefer to do descriptive writing or make a silly poem about it.

Keep it simple and have fun and submit your 'creations' to me at so I can track your progress for your prize!

Let me explain my motivation behind this challenge.

First, I wanted to entice people to eat more vegetables. For many, vegetables are not their favorite food, and for those who do like vegetables, they probably do not eat enough! Did you know, half of your plate should be filled with vegetables? So here's your challenge to fill up on more vegetables and fiber in your diet!

Second, I wanted to push people out of their comfort zone and find new ways to 'de-stress'. Yes creativity is a great way to relax, express yourself and de-stress! Why? Being creative makes you focus on the present moment (in this case your vegetable) which helps you forget about all your worries - temporarily. Everyone needs to carve out a small amount of time in their days to de-stress, relax, and take a moment of gratitude. What better way to integreate all of these things into a challenge to PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! So have fun with it!

This challenge is really what my philosophy on living a life of wellness is all about! Ground yourself in nutritious food and find a creative outlet to balance stress!

Good luck - may the person with the most consistent track record (that's eating and making 15 creative veggie projects) - WIN! See below for challenge details.

Up for a challenge? Starting September 15, join me in an artistic and holistic new challenge to .......

'FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR VEGETABLES' - a Fall challenge during the harvest season!

Have you ever looked at vegetables in the grocery store and wondered what to do with them?

Do you have that nagging thought that you know you should eat more vegetables, but think they are boring to eat?

Every week for 15 weeks, I will present a new vegetable for you to try to integrate into your meal plans.

You will have the CREATIVE challenge too! Explore your new vegetable with all your senses by studying it, drawing it, photographing it, cutting it up into pieces and arranging it on a plate to make a picture, write a poem or descriptive statement.... whatever inspires you - express yourself.

This creative step is an important step in SELF EXPRESSION. We often take our food for granted and don't give it a second look as how beautiful these plants can be. We also take creative expression for granted as stress release – and who couldn’t use more stress release!

NO you do not need to be an artist! You just need to learn to PLAY with your food! Yes I'm telling you to do exactly what your mother told you not to!! The playful, creative part is where you get to have fun. If you have fun with your food, you will learn to LIKE it, or hopefully fall in love with it…..

This artistic step doesn't need to take a lot of time, set aside 30 min. - 1 hour max. each week to study a vegetable and get creative. Learning to carve out a small amount of time weekly to express yourself could be the stress release you need in your life. When does anyone give you the opportunity to PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!

How will I know if you've completed the challenge?

You can submit your drawings, photgraphs, poems, writings, collages, whatever your inspirations are to me via email at


I will compile the recipes and creative projects (with permission and credit) into a booklet of beautiful vegetables and recipes. This booklet will be the prize for the person who submits their challenges the most consistently over the 15 weeks.

The winner receives a FREE booklet and a FREE 4 week drawing program from myself (OR a ONE month free health coaching- value approx. $100.00). The drawing program will be offered in February or March 2015 - check events for details.

Starting Monday, Sept. 15, email me your creative inspirations at! I will track your progress so you can win your prize.