Lynn LeCorre
Artist and Art Educator

Art Programs/ Classes

About the instructor...

Lynn LeCorre-Dallaire has an art education degree and a visual arts diploma. She has been teaching art for over 25 years through community programs, public schools and privately.  She has taught children of all ages and adults.

Lynn believes art skills can be learned, like any other skill. 

'Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist when you become an adult'   Pablo Picasso.


       Looking for art workshops for self-expression or as a creative outlet to reduce stress?            Contact me and I can develop art lessons specific to your needs and skill level. 


Private Art Lessons: Drawing and Painting (Home studio)

Looking for art lessons for you or your child? Do you have a busy schedule and find it hard to juggle too many after school programs for you child?

I teach beginners at all ages. 

Book a private or semi-private (maximum 2 children) in the off-season or between other programs.

Lessons can be booked weekly, bi-monthly or monthly to fit your schedule.

Cost:  $30.00 hour (most lessons are 1.5 hours)

4 week program = $160.00 (6 hours instruction)

5 week program = $200.00 (7.5 hours instruction)

6 week program= $240.00 (9 hours instruction)

Please contact Lynn at


Artist in the Classroom Program 

Outreach art programs for grades K - 12!

All art programs are curriculum related encompassing all facets of the art curriculum from reflection, depiction composition and expression.   Topics and themes from core curriculums included (Science, Math and Social Studies) when applicable.

For more information about booking an Artist in the Classroom program for your school, email me and I will forward a pdf version of my program catalogue of the lessons offered.

To register:  email Lynn @


          Dynamic Drawing (age 10 +) (5 weeks)

         To learn how to draw starts with observation and then learning how to deconstruct an object into its

         basic elements. These observational skills will be the focus of this program, as well learning the fundamentals 

        of design to develop good compositions.  Each class, new drawing media and technical skills will be introduced.

        Students will learn creative problem solving skills to invent fantasy creatures, construct cities or interiors, and

        warp and abstract everyday objects.   Sessions will end with group critique and sharing.    


           Location:  The Centre for Creative Arts

           Cost:  $125.00 for 5 weeks (supplies included)

           To Register for the program email me at